LIVABLE LEARNING - Preparing the Home and the Heart
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MME - Master List:  Presentation Summaries
My desire is to offer a Livable Learning plan for Montessori education. It is so overwhelming at first for most of us:  learning a whole new way of education; learning to observe and to follow our child; investigating materials and presentations; considering the spiritual preparation of the teacher....
In our personal Montessori homeschooling adventure, I  have been working since 2003 to design homeschool-friendly materials and to simplify the write-ups of the basic presentations. The following is the outline of my Livable Learning plan with materials groupings and links to adaptations of the Montessori academic works.


Presentation Summaries
DIY Materials & Plans
Ready Made Materials

Set 1: The Block Sets
Set 2: The Cylinder Sets
Set 3: Algebraic Puzzles
Set 4: The Basic Senses

The most reasonable items to make yourself in the area of Sensorial Basics are the materials for the Basic Senses which I have designed as a set of two organized tackle boxes containing the following materials:

Color Tablets, Tactile Fabrics, Tactile Boards, Tactile Tablets, Thermic Bottles, Thermic Tablets, Baric Bottles, Baric Tablets, Smelling Bottles, Tasting Bottles, Sound Boxes & Stereognostic Bags

The wooden Sensorial materials are foundational to a full comprehension of the Montessori Math materials. Unless you know skilled woodcrafter, it is vital that the following items be commercially purchased simply because their measurements must be precise, and I highly recommend the following Sensorial items with an estimated cost of $311.

Block Sets: 
Pink Tower
Brown Stair
Red Rods

Cylinder Sets:  
Knobbed Cylinders
Knobless Cylinders

Algebraic Puzzles: 
Binomial Cube
Trinomial Cube

You may also choose to utilize other Sensorial-friendly materials shown at our Sensorial shopping pages.

Sensorial II:  Geometry & Fractions - Planes & Solids

Set 1: Geometric Solids
Set 2: Geometry Cabinet & Cards
Set 3: Constructive Triangles
Set 4: Circles, Squares, Triangles
Set 5: Fraction Inserts

Most of the geometric plane and solid materials may be homemade. You will find the printable files for these materials on our Hope4ME page.

When purchasing your Geometric Solids be sure to get a set that includes the ovoid and the ellipsoid. If possible it is also preferable to purchase the Geometric Cabinet - it is the first of many wooden puzzles the children will be using.


Presentation Summaries
DIY Materials Plans
Ready Made Materials
Practical Life I:  Prelminary Activities

Set 1: Working with Mats & Trays
Set 2: Moving Furniture
Set 3: Silence & Line Activities
Set 4: Peace Table

Practical Life II:  Elementary Movements

Set 1:  Opening/Closing
Set 2:  Stringing/Sewing
Set 3:  Transfer/Sorting
Set 4:  Pouring
Set 5:  Spooning/Ladeling
Set 6:  Tonging/Tweezing
Set 7:  Folding
Set 8:  Cutting/Tearing
Set 9:  Tracing/Punching

Practical Life III:  Care of the Environment

Set 1:  Crumbing/Sweeping
Set 2:  Washing/Scrubbing
Set 3:  Dusting/Polishing
Set 4:  Care of Plants
Set 5:  Care of Animals

Practical Life IV:  Care of the Person

Set 1:  Dressing
Set 2:  Grooming
Set 3:  Food/Table Preparation

Practical Life V:  Grace & Courtesy

Set 1: Procedural Conduct
Set 2: Personal Courtesies
Set 3: Social Manners
Set 4: Church Etiquette



Presentation Summaries
DIY Materials Plans
Ready Made Materials
Language I:  Vocabulary
Set 1:  Two-Part Cards
Set 2:  Three-Part Cards
Set 3:  Classification Cards
Language II:  Phonics
Set 1:  Sandpaper Letters
Set 2:  Metal Insets
Set 3:  Printed ABC & Objects
Set 4:  Fishbowl Words
Set 5:  Fabric ABC & Rhyming
Set 6:  Sight Words
Language III:  Grammar
Set 1:  Grammar Games
Set 2:  Mini Environment - Farm
Set 3:  Grammar Boxes
Language IV:  Word Study
Set 1: 
Language V:  Sentence Analysis
Set 1: 


Presentation Summaries
DIY Materials Plans
Ready Made Materials
Math I:  Numeration
Intro to Math
Set 1:  Beginning Counting
Set 2:  Linear/Skip Counting
Math I:  Decimal System
Set 1:  Place Value/Hierarchy
Set 2:  Bank Game/Operations
Set 3:  Stamp Game/Dot Game
Set 4:  Bead Frames
Set 5:  Decimal Board
Math III:  Memorization of Math Facts
Set 1:  Snake Game/ Mult Layout
Set 2:  Math Facts Folders/Boards
Set 3:  Decanomial Materials
Math I:  Abstraction
Set 1:  Checkerboards/Long Mult
Set 2:  Racks & Tubes/Long Div
Set 3:  Algebraic Pegboards
Set 4:  Algebraic Cube Puzzles


Presentation Summaries
DIY Materials Plans
Ready Made Materials
Culture I:  Geography
Intro to Culture
Set 1:  Land & Water Forms
Set 2:  Globes
Set 3:  Puzzle Maps & Pin Maps
Set 4:  Continent Folders
Culture II:  History
Set 1:  Minutes Clock
Set 2:  Calendar/Seasons
Set 3:  Timelines
Culture III:  Science
Set 1:  Great Lessons
Set 2:  Botany
Set 3:  Zoology
Set 4:  Anatomy
Culture IV:  Music
Set 1:  The Bells
Set 2:  Notation Boards
Culture V:  Art
Set 1:  Child Size Masterpieces