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Our Peaceful Classroom
A child's view of Montessori education, illustrated by Montessori students from around the world.

The Peace Rose
Beautifully illustrated, this story offers a model for use of the Peace Rose in the home or 3-6 classroom. Includes teacher's guide.

Parent's Guide to the Montessori Classroom
Now in full color, Aline D. Wolf's original classic - updated with color photos of modern classrooms.

Montessori Insights for Parents of Young Children
Aline D. Wolf explains Maria Montessori's insights regarding child development.

Children of the Universe
Excellent resource explaining Maria Montessori's overall plan for Cosmic Education for the elementary curriculum.

I Wonder What's Out There
Creative ideas that will enable you to present the wonders of the universe to young children.


Math Works
Michael Duffy, co-author of "Children of the Universe" explains how children learn math while using Montessori materials.


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