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INDIA - "I live in Bangalore, India. I truly love what you have done with your site and the montessori materials. I am a montessori teacher and work with elementary kids."

INDIA - "I am planning a school in India but it's not going to be montessori. It's going to be a regular school with montessori principles and based on montessori philosophy. I cannot afford to have a complete montessor and it is also difficult to find montessori trained teachers in India... I am frequent visitor on your website. I like the material on your website."

QATAR - "First of all I'd like to say congratulations on your accomplishments, your beautiful family, your homeschooling efforts, your publishing comp, website and your ORGANIZATION SKILLS! I truely don't know how you do it!"

AUSTRALIA - "I am a homeschooling mum in Australia and I have recently been on your website looking at your Catechism books."

AUSTRALIA - "Just wanted to say thanks for a valuable website. i work in a montessori school in Australia and enjoyed your website very much. So thank you once again, please keep up your hard work."

HUNGARY - "i have seen some nice files i could decorat and make my little montessori room for my littleones more decorative... I am from hungary, i am new to montessori and have just started a class about it." 

TURKEY - "I am a teacher in one of the montessori school in Turkey...therefore I myself am in need of your help. I am in need of printable materials/worksheets in various areas like math, language, geography, sensorial, etc for my montessori classroom."

INDONESIA - "Hi, I am Indonesian, in Indonesia there's no montessori school teaching catechesis or catholic religion. I would like to teach my daughter ... right now my daughter is in montessori school... For me it is very important to teach her about catholic. Would u please help me to know how to have the material?"

UNITED KINGDOM - "I also want to say just how much I have appreciated your spirit of generosity, both through your website and the Yahoo group. God is definitely using you as a tool to bless many people."