LIVABLE LEARNING - Preparing the Home and the Heart
Montessori Education

"Maria Montessori developed her teaching methodologies one hundred years ago and they have survived because her ultimate goal was to preserve the dignity of the child. How can a child not thrive and learn in a prepared environment that emphasizes respect and integrity? -- A respect and integrity not only of the materials presented and used, but more importantly of the child himself, and of those with whom he interacts."
                                                                        S.V. Wilhelmi


LIVABLE LEARNING can help you prepare
your HOME and your HEART for learning!

LIVABLE LEARNING is my term for a homeschool environment where both the child and the teacher (parent) create an environment that is conducive to learning. This is achieved externally through a simplified order of the household and the learning materials, while internally both the teacher and the student arrive at a greater self-discipline in how they think and act.

Maria Montessori, a physician and scientist from Italy, through her direct observations of children, pioneered many changes in educational philosophies in the early 1900's. The foundation of Livable Learning is Montessori education. Much of what Montessori tried to do in the Practical Life exercises of the classroom was to recreate the home environment, so in a homeschool environment there is no need for us to re-create what is naturally there. We just need to learn the methods. The application of Livable Learning introduces adaptations to make the Montessori Method more homeschool friendly.

The Montessori Method - the Basics
The Montessori Method
Three Period Lesson
Planes of Development
Sensitive Periods
Course of Study
Prepared Paths to Culture
The Infant as Human Being by Herbert Ratner, M.D.  (1963)
Montessori Made Easy for All Ages  by S. V. Wilhelmi  (2003)
Hands on Learning  by S. V. Wilhelmi  (2005)

Montessori for Catholics
Montessori and the Catholic Faith
Catechesis of the Good Shepherd


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