LIVABLE LEARNING - Preparing the Home and the Heart

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LIVABLE LEARNING...  to help you become more organized

Livable Learning - egroup discussion on the external Preparation of the Home as a learning environment and the internal spiritual Preparation of the Teacher

FlyLady - support group (FLY=Finally Love Yourself)


Playschool6 - egroup discussions on Montessori method and homeschooling

Catholic Learning Materials - egroup discussions on the method and materials for using Montessori to teach the Faith


Sue-Chen Jenny Yen's online albums for 3-6 year olds

MOTEACO - Montessori Teacher's Collective - online albums including Great Lessons, scope and sequence for 3-6, 6-9, and 9-12, lectures, quotes

Montessori World Education Institute - online albums and online video courses

Margaret Homfrey's online videos - introductory course in Montessori education

Montessori Primary Guide - online presentations and videos

Just Montessori - daily curriculum calendar    

Wikisori - a collaborative collection of album pages for 3-6, 6-9 and 9-12

Mid America Montessori - albums for 6-9 

Montessori Album - an impressive collaborative wiki site  

Montessori Commons - a collections of essays and album pages   NEW!




Montessori Material Makers - egroup discussions and shared files to help you create Montessori materials

Montessori - a cooperative web site with free materials downloads

Montessori Swap - a place to buy, sell or swap Montessori materials. Not a discussion group.

Suzanne's WebShots - my personal photo album with homemade Montessori academic and catechesis materials

Montessori Bells - an online Java version designed by Lisia


Neinhuis Montessori - a must have! Order the Montessori Educational Materials catalog.

Montessori Research & Development (R&D) - an excellent source for published albums.

Kid Advance - GREAT quality & affordable - for those hard to make materials!

Alison's Montessori - great source for Montessori materials and Karen Tyler's albums

NEW!   House of Education - Montessori Outlet

Kaybee Montessori

Montessori-n-Such - lots of items for Practical Life ideas

Montessori Services - a wonderful resource for preparing the environment

Educational Videos - Montessori staff training videos are excellent! (Math, Language, Sensorial and Practical Life.)



AMI - Association Montessori Internationale - fournded in 1929 by Maria Montessori

AMI Training Centers - accredited by AMI

AMS - American Montessori Association - founded in 1960

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd - teaching the Faith with Montessori methods

Montessori Education Week - last week in February every year - Sponsored by IAME - International Association for Montessori Education



Montessori Muddle - Middle School and High School from a Montessori point of view
Alison's Montessori - check out this blog for GREAT weekly Montessori giveaways!




Catholic Homeschool Support - resouces and conference schedules

Favorite Resources for Homeschoolers

That Resource Site Catholic Printables - excellent source for printables and videos



Our Fathers House - Catholic and Montessori resources

Emmanuel Books

By Way of the Family

Catholic Heritage Curricula


Penny Catechism

Fr. John Hardon's Home Study Courses - Basic, Advanced, avd Spiritual Giants Courses

Catholic Home Study - books and workbooks for Catholic courses

Knights of Columbus - offers two online Catholic courses: Luke E Hart & CIS Faith Formation

St. Charles Borromeo - go to the Faith section for the booklets "To Tell You the Truth" and "Glad You Asked"

RC History - offering a chronoligical, integrated family approach to history

Ascension Press - Excellent source for Catholic educational materials. Check out Jeff Cavin's Bible Timline materials, Theology of the Body for Teens, & NEW - Epic: A Journey thru Church History!

Catholic Doors Ministry - History of the Religions of the World

Catholic Answers - the Great Heresies

EWTN - get Catholic TV and radio on your computer

Relevant Radio - my favorite Catholic Radio station - I listen to the Twin Cities station


Catholic Bloggers Network