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LL2 Sensorial


Sensorial materials present the basic concepts of color, shape and form. 

When I first started with Montessori education I had a Montessori consultant come to my home to help me separate the toys from the learning materials and then she helped me to categorize our learning materials according to the Montessori areas of study. My first organizational success was to create a sets of drawers for learning materials. A collection of sensorial and math manipulatives were put into Sterilite 3-Drawer Organizer units and the drawers labeled.

We have FOUR sets of 3-drawer units with the following activities:

Color Cubes, Pattern Blocks and Attribute Blocks;  
Tri-Ominos, Quad-Ominos and Pentominoes;
Tangrams, Dominoes and Dice, Playing Cards; 
Geoboards, AngLegs and Angle Shapes.

We also have ONE 3-drawer unit for Math with:
Fraction Circles & Rings, and Fraction Squares; Fraction Tiles, Fraction Cubes and Fraction Dice. See the MATH page for more information on fractions.


0273 Color Cubes

0416 Tangrams

Tangrams are geometric puzzles with 2 large triangles, 1 medium triangle, 2 small triangles, 1 square and 1 parallelogram.

0286 Pentominoes

2240 Pentominoes 3D

Pentominos come in 12 shapes that are scored with five sections on each piece.

0318 Tangramables Book

0336 Patternables Book


0134 Pattern Blocks

0264 Pattern Block Activity Cards

Pattern Blocks come in 6 shapes and 6 colors and are used to explore geometric shapes and concepts.

1512 Geoboard Pattern Block Array

0425 Geoboards Set

Geoboards are used for lessons in plane geometry and measurement.

1270 Attribute Blocks

4340 AngLegs

The Brown (Broad) Stair is the traditional material for concepts of thick and thin. The Attribute Blocks may be used to introduce the concepts of thick and thin but will not have the underlying progressive lesson in the sensorial representation of the square of a number.

AngLegs may be used in place of the Geometric Stick Material for exploration and analysis in plane geometric shapes however you will not have any of the arched shapes to work with.

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