LIVABLE LEARNING - Preparing the Home and the Heart
About Us

From Suzanne:
I am an artist with over twenty years experience in computer layout and design. I graduated from Southwest State University in Minnesota with a BA degree in Fine Art. In 2003 I authored my first book - "From Creative Chaos to Livable Learning".  I have chosen to sign my work as S.V. Wilhelmi in tribute to my favorite Montessori author, E.M. Standing.

The JMJ in our company name - JMJ Publishing, stands for Jesus, Mary and Joseph (the Holy Family). My grandmother, Josephine, practiced the old Catholic tradition of writing the letters J.M.J. at the top of every letter she wrote. She was the prayer warrior of our family and this site is dedicated to her.

Livable Learning is my term for preparing the heart and the home, and is based on the key elements of Montessori's moral and spiritual preparation of the teacher, the proper preparation of the learning environment.

Suzanne and her kids - September 2011

God has blessed us in so many ways. We have been homeschooling since 1996. Our oldest son homeschooled only his last three years of high school - although he had begged me for six years previous to homeschool him. He graduated from St. Mary's University in Winona, MN in May 2007, majoring in Writing and Theology and is currently working in retail.  Our second son  homeschooled from 8th grade through high school graduation and then attended St. Mary's University in Winona, MN for two years, majoring in Theology and Youth Ministry. His first year in college, he was a seminarian at Immaculate Heart Seminary, discerning a vocation to the priesthood. In 2005 he chose a new career with the Coast Guard and he's loving every minute of it.

The younger six are my "Montessori" bunch. Rachel 19yo loves Montessori and has audited most of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS) Level I and II trainings with me.
Through that experience Rachel developed a new passion for the Catholic faith. She is planning to major in Catholic Theology and is considering Christendom at Front Royal, Virginia or Franciscan University in Stuebenville, Ohio for college sometime in the future. She is currently a nanny in the Washington DC area. My other kids are 17yo Joseph, 14yo Michael, 13yo Therese (Trez),  11yo Thomas and 10yo Isaac.

I have completed Level I training for the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd at Altoona Iowa and Level II training at All Saints Church in Stuart Iowa and both sessions I had Carol Dittburner for my trainer.

In addition to my love of Montessori materials and the Catechesis I love working with children. In 2007 I started doing child care in my home and the kids call our business Cheaper by the Dozen Daycare. Our home is definitely a large family environment - and some days we have it all together and some days we don't. But we would never trade our life for any other.

Our Goals
  • To maintain the integrity of the Montessori method and materials. 
  • To bring the accessibility of Montessori Education back into the public domain by providing quality, affordable alternatives to the traditional materials.
  • To promote Montessori teacher preparation both morally and spiritually.

JMJ Publishing began in 1991 when we acquired a family business that published church bulletins.  The business grew into a desktop publishing business, featuring typesetting for newsletters and advertisements for community business mailings. In May of 2003, JMJ Publishing changed its focus and began developing printed and educational materials for Montessori and Catholic homeschoolers. The Montessori materials from include downloadable printables, exclusive collections of homemade Montessori materials called Teaching from a Tackle Box, and ebooks for help with teacher preparation and making student materials.