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Montessori Education
We were led to Montessori Education out of a desire for more order in our daily lives and for a greater independence for our children. It all started the year I was homeschooling two in high school, one in 2rd grade and one in Kindergarten. A few months into the school year, all of a sudden, I had a 3-year old who was reading, a 4-year-old who was determined to keep up with his younger sister, and a 20 month old who insisted that he could do everything that everyone else could do (and he was usually right). After having started our homeschool year teaching four children, I instantly had to accommodate seven. Out of desperation I asked a former Montessori teacher to help me get organized, the Montessori Way. What followed was my journey "From Creative Chaos to Livable Learning." In the process I found myself reading every book that was ever written on Montessori education. What I wanted was the "big picture" - something that would give me a "snapshot" of the Montessori principles, techniques and materials. Not finding what I wanted, I had to create it for myself.

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Catholic Education
One of the benefits of homeschooling your own children is that you learn so much, right along with them. I started homeschooling out of convenience - I did not want to drive back and forth to town three times (or more) a day to send my Kindergartener to the Catholic school where my older boys were attending. My reasoning for homeschooling grew into a concern for morality and values as my 8th grader and then my 10th grader came home to school. One of the reasons I homeschool now is to feed my passion to learn more about my own faith as I teach my children. I always thought I was a "good Catholic" until I started homeschooling my children. Then I found out how very little I knew about
Catholic Education, the Catholic Church and its teachings. I have come to call those profound and unexpected experiences in my faith journey Emmaus Moments. One of my highlights was when I was visiting with an old friend who had left the Church fifteen years earlier. She started asking questions and I actually had the answers for her, because of the Apologetics I have acquired while teaching my children. How exciting it was to share the Truths of the Catholic Faith with her. Apologetics is the theological discipline of defending the faith.

I have seen too many Catholic homeschoolers rely heavily on the Baltimore Catechism and then go no further. I believe that Catholic education at all ages must include Catechism as well as History of the Bible, History of the Church, and Apologetics. A truly Catholic education should encompass The Marks of Catholic Education using the Marks of the Catholic Church: One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic. It naturally follows that we can create a Classical Catholic model for education that will enable every homeschooler to incorporate the Catholic Faith into any school subject.

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